Cognitive Door Motion

Experience the benefits of an automated commercial door; regular status updates, preventive maintenance, increased mechanical lifetime.

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Who We Are

For 30 years, we were creating safety systems for industrial doors. We have taken this knowledge and applied it to our new line of products. CODORMO aims at revolutionizing the automation of commercial doors. Preventive maintenance, machine learning and internet of things are a few of the pillars of our innovations. Door manufacturers, installers and system integrators can all benefit from the unique advantages our products offer; increased mechanical lifetime, identification of quality issues, remote maintenance, remote software updates and more!

Wireless Gateway Set


The Wireless Gateway Set consists of a stationary Gateway and up to three mobile satellites, linked via radio transmission. The wireless data transmission system makes coil cables and energy chains obsolete. The wireless radio technology guarantees a safe and energy efficient communication between all connected components. The data transmission is encrypted using AES128. The stationary gateway is supplied by the door controller and supports several different output interfaces. 

Multiturn Limit Switch

DMC is a universal limit switch for all door types fulfilling the requirements of the EN 12453:2017. A setup of two magnetic encoders determines the exact door position without batteries. The redundant non-contact sensor principle is unaffected by humidity or harsh environment. Selectable protocols allow communication with all major RS485 door control interfaces and can be chosen on site by a hidden switch.

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Commercial Door Operator

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C-Drive is a door operator containing a BLDC motor and a set of wear free gears. The motor is ideal for high-speed doors and offers a soft start and stop mode. Due to its unique eccentric gear C-Drive has a much longer lifetime and requires minimum maintenance. The integrated sensors help achieve excellent speed control and due to the torque monitoring there’s no need for a safety edge. With C-Drive there’s no need for a break and all sensors can communicate wirelessly in a bus connection which makes the whole installation much less complex.

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